Growing Media

Humibox Sphagnum Peat

Humibox sphagnum peat is a natural, organic soil conditioner and growing medium for agriculture and horticulture. It is derived from sphagnum moss through a long process of decomposition and compaction. Humibox sphagnum peat is widely used to obtain optimal germination and as a growing medium for turf, ornamentals and vegetables. It is available as BX1 media, Peltracom and Latagro.


  • Homogenous composition
  • Good structural composition
  • High water and air capacity
  • Low salt content
  • Easy to transport and apply
  • Free from contaminants such as pathogens, insects and weed seeds
  • Safe to humans and environment
  • Improves soil structure to encourage a healthy root system
  • Enhances ability of soil to hold mineral nutrients
A 100% white peat without added nutrients.
A media enriched with nutrients in ideal proportions.
Professional media formulated to supply nutrients over a long period.