Planting Trays

REKA Floatation Trays

humibox reka planting trays

For users of EPS (expanded polystyrene foam) plug trays, the REKA floating device is an innovation that is clearly a more environmentally-friendly alternative. Furthermore, used with ordinary plug trays, the REKA system offers several other important advantages over EPS trays.

Brief description

The Reka system comprises of the upper plug tray resting atop the buoyancy tray (Reka tray). In use, the upper tray, after it is filled with media and seeded, is mated with the lower tray; the pair is then lowered onto the water. Perforations at the bottom of the REKA tray allow water to flow into the tray and distribute quickly. In this way, the perforations achieve two functions:

  • Ensure that the trays float horizontally, and
  • Avoids the problem of dry cells through quick contact of the media with water.

Advantages and benefits of using REKA:

Advantages Benefits to present growers
REKA can be designed and manufactured to suit virtually all types of plug trays. This means that existing machines (e.g. media fillers, seeders), infrastructure (e.g. pools) and existing stocks of consumables (e.g. media) need not be discarded Present machines, infrastructure, plug trays and media can continue to be used
The upper and lower trays are separately nestable and stackable Easier to handle and requires much less storage space than non-nestable trays
The lower tray is durable because;
  • the tray is made from high quality , thick-gauge plastic
  • being sheltered by upper tray and is thus protected from the direct sunlight, and
  • having numerous air cells which prevent the tray from sinking if a few cells are puncture
The lower trays are durable
The lower and upper tray is resistant to warping since buoyancy is provided by numerous air cells evenly distributed throughout the tray Damage due to distortion of trays and possibly injury to seedlings is minimized
The buoyancy of the lower tray can be reduced to allow upper tray to sit lower in the water, if desired, by perforating the selected air cells The level at which the upper tray floats on the water can be fine-tuned
Unlike EPS trays, the REKA system can be sterilized efficiently and effectively Disease incidence can be reduced effectively and more cheaply


Compared with EPS trays, systems using REKA are more environmentally- friendly, trays are easier to handle and store, sterilization is more efficient and effective, and being durable the device itself is cost-effective.