Company Profile

Company Profile

Humibox (M) Sdn Bhd began operating in 1992 with a wide range of liquid organic fertilizers. Since then, the company has broadened its range to include specialty fertilizers, liquid lime, liming materials, growing media, plug trays, nursery systems and seeds of leguminous cover crops. Our range of products are notable for their ability to facilitate management and enhance crop performance: liquid lime (rice, oil palm); liquid organic fertilizers (fruit crops, cash crops, floriculture); growing media, plug trays and nursery systems (horticulture, plantation nurseries); seeds of cover crops (plantations, fruit crops, slope protection).

We take pride in being innovative to provide cost-effective solutions for growers. With our small but strong team we continuously carry out research and development to ensure the efficacy and efficiency of our products as well as to provide customized solutions to our clients.

We are specialists in seeds of leguminous cover crops. We successfully developed a machine to scarify seeds of Mucuna bracteata, something which used to be done manually but is laborious and time-consuming to do. Seeds processed using this machine are marketed under the name RediMb and the product stands out from the competition not only in terms of convenience, but also high germination rate and good shelf life. RediMb facilitates direct field sowing which allows the grower to bypass the need for a nursery with all its attendant costs and management difficulties.

An exceptional innovation is the BX1 and Parit Tray system for growing seedlings in the nursery. The benefits of the BX1 and Parit Tray system are recognized by the oil palm industry: among the adopters of this system are major plantations in Malaysia, Indonesia and elsewhere in the world. The BX1 system, used together with Biodegradable Tray (Bio-PP), is also used for propagation of Mucuna bracteata.

We work closely with clients to develop nursery solutions that best meet their requirements for product performance, quality, and price. We achieve this through our excellent relationship with business partners such as Bumnong (Korea), Agaris (Belgium), PT Cheng Yuan (Indonesia), OMYA (Malaysia), Nufarm (Malaysia), AB Rekyva (Lithuania), Chemjet (Australia) and Jose Luis Calle Rodrigues (Spain).

Our products have been evaluated for effectiveness and efficiency so that growers may use them with confidence. Backed by our team of consultants and competent sales staff, we provide strong customer support.