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Omya Calciprill S14

Finely ground, high purity gypsum and Calcium Carbonate 


Category: Soil Ameliorants

- Omya Calciprill S14 is a 2-6mm granule made from finely ground, high purity gypsum and Calcium Carbonate 

-Omya Calciprill S14 is low in dust, easy to spread and breaks down rapidly in moisture 

- It gives you the option to use your own fertilizer spreading equipment to minimize your reliance on weather and reducing the risk of introducing off-farm pathogens. 

- Omya Calciprill S14 can be direct drilled or air-seeded to aid in crop establishment. 

- To maintain a healthy and balanced soil, Omya Calciprill S14 can be applied regularly at lower rated to replace sulfur and calcium removed at harvest 


Advantages 优点

- Improved soil structure in sodic conditions 

- Reduced pH in sodic soils 

- Source of sulfur for plant nutrition 

- Organic matter stabilized 

- Excess magnesium can be balanced 

- Improved nutrient absorption in plants 

- Better quality and shelf life of fruit produces 

- Improved resistance to some plant disease 
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