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Active Ingredient (a.i):


40% phosphorous (phosphonic) acid
(Present as mono & dipotassium phosphite)




Category: Others

Features :

- Phosphorous Acid.

- Control Pythium, Phytophthora, Pseudoperonospora related diseases. 

- Contains active ingredient: 40% phosphorous (phosphonic) acid (present as mono & dipotassium phosphate) 


Advantage :

- Partially neutralized version of phosphorous acid using potassium hydroxide at pH 5.8; thus minimize hazard of trunk necrosis & phytotoxicity

- As an anti-resistance management

- Post-infection treatment

- Being systemic, the chemical is translocated to the whole treated plant 

- Can either be used as foliar spraying or trunk injection 

- Durable period of control

- The degradable phosphates in soil also provide valuable nutrients for plant growth 

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