Oil Palm


Humibox liquid organic fertilizers are high-quality fertilizers developed and manufactured in Spain. They have been used widely in Malaysia for 20 years.


- Contains organic matter that are rich in humic and fulvic acids which are beneficial to the plant without causing possible negative effects such as toxicity and nitrogen starvation

- Besides selected major nutrients, micronutrients also included

- Directly supplies nutrients

- Acts as a soil conditioner

- Specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of different types of plants and stages of plant growth


How to use:

- Drenching onto the soil

- Foliar spray

- Fertigation

Growing Media

Humibox sphagnum peat is a natural, organic soil conditioner and growing medium for agriculture and horticulture. It is derived from sphagnum moss through a long process of decomposition and compaction. Humibox sphagnum peat is widely used to obtain optimal germination and as a growing medium for turf, ornamentals, and vegetables. It is available as BX1 media, Peltracom, and Latagro.


- Homogenous composition

- Good structural composition

- High water and air capacity

- Low salt content

- Easy to transport and apply

- Free from contaminants such as pathogens, insects and weed seeds

- Safe to humans and the environment

- Improves soil structure to encourage a healthy root system

- Enhances ability of soil to hold mineral nutrients

Cover Crops

Nursery Planting System